One foot and another
a single beat
trash out on Tuesday
the only rigid legs here
lists to flourish
liquid breathing through
sky and slicked with sweat
are we not all born to
be lovers

The trees leaves like brilliant confetti
littering gray sidewalks
I want to bathe in it and
inhale the color to become just
as radiant
lemon glow off the pavement
it is a sea let me

A promise must stop and think
perhaps I shall not
now when November sun
leans on the porcelain houses
crimson standing in azure
for a few moments I flicker into a
tube that inhales my soul and spits
into a vacuum

You disguise yourself as a
kite but you are not my friend
I don’t know how to talk of joy but I am trying
I can’t ask for what I left or I’ll never get to ask again
I wish words would come like no
one would ever read them I’m tired of writing to you
I wish words would come like no
one would ever hear them
how can you live inside me but never speak